Becoming a United States Citizen: The Basics of Naturalization

Many people find the immigration process overall to be confusing, vague, and difficult to understand. When applying for citizenship, one of the biggest challenges faced is trying to make sense of all the laws and legal terminologies.  One term you’ll hear a lot is ‘naturalization.’ While it might sound intimidating at first, it simply refers […]

The Basics of Obtaining a Green Card Through Marriage in the United States

For those who have immigrated to the United States, a Green Card offers the benefits and opportunities of being able to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. There are several avenues that a person can take toward Green Card eligibility, one of the most common being through marriage. While marriage […]

The Truth About California’s Sanctuary State Law

California’s Sanctuary State law

California’s Sanctuary State Law California’s Sanctuary State Law, which was introduced as a senate bill in 2016 and passed into law by Governor Brown in 2017, has been the topic of debate but also a source of confusion for many California residents. The law, often referred to as SB 54, officially makes California a “sanctuary […]

Criminal Consequences to Immigration

CRIMES AND THEIR IMMIGRATION CONSEQUENCES Criminal conduct, with or without a conviction, can result in serious immigration consequences, including deportation. Even permanent residents can face deportation for criminal conduct, but not U.S. Citizens. If you have been arrested and charged with committing a crime, you should seek immigration advice immediately, and before your criminal case […]

Citizenship and Naturalization

CITIZENSHIP AND NATURALIZATION There are three ways an individual can become a US citizen. By being born in the United States, by automatically acquiring citizenship through a a US citizen parent, or through a process called naturalization. Before starting the naturalization process to become a United States Citizen, you must first be a lawful permanent […]