Filing for asylum can be an overwhelming process., Having a qualified and experienced attorney represent you can help calm your anxieties and ensure the highest chance of success.

To be approved for asylum you must demonstrate that you have a “well-founded fear of persecution” if you return to your home country.

If returning home puts you in danger because of any of the reasons listed below you may have a case for asylum status in the U.S.:

  • Your religious beliefs.
  • Your political opinion or affiliations.
  • Your nationality.
  • Your race.
  • Your membership in a social group.
  • Your sexual orientation.

Asylum cases often have a high burden of proof and is essential that you have an attorney with a proven track record that can properly craft your case and present it in a way that gives you the best chance of a favorable outcome. The Law Office of Malathi Benjamin has successfully won asylum cases throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond for clients from around the globe.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation to see if you have a case for asylum.

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Breaking News:

New Law helping spouses of US Citizens

On June 17, 2024 President Biden signed a new law which will help thousands of undocumented spouses of US Citizens apply for permanent resident (green card) status without having to leave the USA. This is not an amnesty and applicants will have to qualify for the new process (Parole in Place). What we know so far in terms of qualifying requirements is as follows:

  1. The applicant must be present in the USA, without having been legally admitted
  2. Must have been continuously present in the USA for at least 10 years as of June 17, 2024
  3. Must be legally married to a US Citizen as of June 17, 2024
  4. Must not have a criminal history which would disqualify them
  5. Must not be a threat to national security or public safety
  6. Must warrant a favorable exercise of discretion

Minor children of the qualifying spouse may also be considered for parole.

BEWARE OF SCAMS. The application process is not yet open and we have to wait for more information from the USCIS before we can file for this benefit.