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How the Immigrant Workforce Is Helping Build a Brighter California

In the current political upheavals involving immigration in the United States, it seems that most everyone has an opinion on how the country should approach its immigration process. There are those on both sides of the issue, but it’s often the naysayers that are heard the loudest, even when they’re outnumbered. With all the dialogue, there’s one crucial point that doesn’t receive nearly the amount of attention it deserves – how immigrants have changed the landscape of the United States, specifically California, for the better. 

Immigration in California

California is home to more immigrants than any other state in the nation. In 2017, California was home to nearly 11 million immigrants – a number that represents about 27% of the state’s population. When looking at the impact of immigration on California, it’s important to not only look at these numbers today, but to also consider the future. Currently, it’s estimated that approximately half the children in California have at least one parent who was an immigrant. 

These numbers are simply too significant to not have an impact on the state as a whole. There are many presumptions made about how immigration affects the state, particularly the workforce and various industries in California. However, after many years, we’re finally beginning to see the real impact, and the effects of a strong immigrant population have been very positive. 

How Immigration Has Changed California

Immigration in California has helped to build numerous industries in the state, and the effects reach far past the agricultural industry. Compared to decades ago, the average immigrant coming into California has a higher level of education and is better equipped to step into professional and skilled trade positions. This combined with increased educational opportunities for the immigrants that reside here have all lead to an incredibly important influence on the state. 

Immigrants in California, especially individuals from Asian countries, are coming to the country with a level of education that exceeds many of their native-born peers. Currently, immigrants from India comprise the most educated demographic in the state. Additionally, as educated, native born workers are exiting the workforce, immigrants have stepped in to fill the resulting labor gaps and help keep Californian industries moving forward. 

About a third of workers in California who hold bachelor’s degrees are immigrants. Rather than farming and agriculture (which still remain important industries for the immigrant population), we’re seeing growth fueled by immigration in major technology regions like the Los Angeles basin and Silicon Valley. Technology, electronics, and manufacturing in the state have become significantly dependent on educated and skilled immigrant workers. 

Your Future Is Bright in California

California has a reputation for its open arms toward immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and their families. There are ample opportunities in the state and working with an immigration law firm can help you through the legalities of residing in the state. When you’re in need of a family and immigration lawyer in Pasadena, the Law Office of Malathi Benjamin is here to serve as your trusted resource. Contact us and let us help you work toward a brighter future today. 

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