Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

DACA RENEWALS ARE STILL BEING ACCEPTED DEFERRED ACTION FOR CHILDHOOD ARRIVALS (DACA) 2018 UPDATE: In January and February 2018, the federal court  ordered the USCIS to continue to accept DACA applications.  The USCIS will continue to accept applications for renewal of DACA for those who had applied before, but will not accept new applications.  […]


ASYLUM Filing for asylum can be an overwhelming process., Having a qualified and experienced attorney represent you can help calm your anxieties and ensure the highest chance of success. To be approved for asylum you must demonstrate that you have a “well-founded fear of persecution” if you return to your home country. If returning home […]

Family Based Immigration Family Based Immigration Family based immigration is one of the most common ways of obtaining permanent resident status (a green card) in the United States. At the Law Office of Malathi Benjamin, we can handle all your family based immigration needs. Schedule a consultation and find out whether a family based option is right […]